C + E = R!

Consciousness + Energy = Reality
(C + E = R)

Eternal Primal Consciousness + Infinite Primal Energy = Absolute Reality

Consciousness = Reality – Energy?
(C = R – E)

Energy = Reality – Consciousness?
(E = R – C)

Higher Consciousness (evolved) + Higher Energy (prana) = Higher Reality (better planet/dimension)?
(hC + hE = hR)

Decrease in Consciousness + Decrease in Energy = Lower Reality (Hell/Inferior planets)?

Consciousness in Dreams + Energy available during sleep = Dream Reality

Higher Awareness/consciousness during sleep + Higher Energy stored (less spent) = Better control in lucid dreaming / astral travel / OBE?

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Mind behind design of Brain?

How The One Consciousness imagined, designed and created the human brain and what are the exact stages of evolution of brain structure and functioning as well as the design/intent/purposes/ideas/science behind creating it?

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Law of Karma?

Who created the law of karma and for what purpose(s)? How does the law of karma apply to plants, microbes, birds, animals? Who started karma at the very first instant? Can karma be removed without ‘working them out’ by any process? Why? What about karma of angels, archangels, devils, demons? How information related to karma stored and where? How that information is carried forward to next births? Can karma related to Earth plane be worked out on another planet of another solar system? What about karma of dream/astral plane?

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Black holes?

Are black holes portals to other dimensions or higher astral planes or other universes?

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Life on planets?

How many planets have life existing on them (plants/microbes/insects/birds/animals/conscious beings) as of now – considering all planets from all galaxies in all universes within all dimensions?

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Secret Mandalas?

Are there secret mandalas which when focused upon release latent hidden psychic forces in humans?

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What is the truth about orbs?

Are they coded messages from higher beings? Or just dust/water particles?

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