Source of energy for big bang?

If we consider big bang as the prime event, what is the source of that energy which caused the big bang?

What caused that energy to cause the big bang?

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1 Response to Source of energy for big bang?

  1. Dale Downey says:

    My spiritual search for origins always takes me back to the basic question; Where did the energy come from that initiated the big bang or whatever process did take place in originating the universe? At this point, I am comfortable with the concept that God was and is that energy. Because energy can never be created or destroyed but only change one form to another or into matter by nuclear fission and fusion, then this energy which is God makes up all that is, all matter and all energy and is infinite. The story of creation in the bible is in the form of parables without timelines. Adam and Eve (mankind made in God’s image) emerged after millions say billions of years of evolution and was as inevitable as the universe itself. The energy giving life to my body is the stuff of God and is infinite as all energy.

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