Law of Karma?

Who created the law of karma and for what purpose(s)? How does the law of karma apply to plants, microbes, birds, animals? Who started karma at the very first instant? Can karma be removed without ‘working them out’ by any process? Why? What about karma of angels, archangels, devils, demons? How information related to karma stored and where? How that information is carried forward to next births? Can karma related to Earth plane be worked out on another planet of another solar system? What about karma of dream/astral plane?

About Amitt Parikh

Amitt Parikh is a proficient writer, who has published many thought-provoking articles, short stories, poems and presentations in several newspapers, magazines, newsletters and websites. He is the author of 'Conversations with The Mysterious One - Vol. 1 & 2' books. He is the editor of Your Spiritual Revolution, Creator of Integral Mind Power and Managing Director of Parikh Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. He is a mystic, an intuitive life coach and trainer. He conducts revolutionary courses and workshops on Integral Mind Power, Your Spiritual Revolution, Channeling Your Higher Self and Integral Financial Healing with Past Life Clearing.
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